What is the role of SMS marketing in e-commerce and new customers?

Before responding to this question, let the success of the company Nord unconventional story; Bohemian Co. guitars is a company that sells guitars made from oil cans. A very small company started and within a few years became one of the most popular corporate campaigns, we are now trying to complete the process of industrialization meet growing demand for their products. You see, what their secret? Simply put: achieving sales via SMS, where he noted the company's owner Sean Lee early in the growth of their business from the sales were coming from marketing via text messages on mobile devices even added a choice of recording customer numbers and send messages to them regularly on the website. Of course there are not a lot of companies that do so, but you may think some of these companies in this matter when you know that, according to a statement to me, the percentage increase in sales about 98% in sales in less than 6 months through SMS directed to its customers text messages. This is a very spectacular where he presented them to help choose the right product for each customer's needs and how to work for what we achieved no longer in a miracle or something supernatural, but to exploit the combination of modern possibilities.
 Imposed marketing messages via SMS itself SMS and especially in light of the tremendous boom in telecommunications, mobile and regular smart, both sector where statistically recorded in which he stated that 99% of text messages are read when they are received in a period not exceeding five minutes, despite the proliferation of mobile devices Smart, there are still quite a number of customers holding regular mobile devices and this means that the mere presence of a mobile website will not be enough highlights even more the importance of sending an SMS, where up to anywhere and can be read on any mobile.
Constitute the customer response to SMS marketing SMS is another factor to its importance and publicly statistical customers text response rate, are 6-8 times more likely to respond to a call to action in a text message. Marketing also provides via SMS as a competitive advantage, it is known that the presence of choice to reach customers faster and easier than making you this in your favor, especially if your competitors do not use this feature.
If you want to add a short message service SMS for the marketing arsenal and your customer service, the next step involves choosing the service provider favorite.
Now, take a quick in hearing the word of caution; when it comes to marketing to send a message via SMS, you must obtain the consent of all participants and recipients so that they can start sending messages because these messages are sent to numbers without
guide Approval, it is possible that the crisis puts you in legal trouble. Perhaps this is why the facades of corporate sites that allow the customer to initiate a conversation, or to allow the customer to choose the choice of sending SMS messages to a phone number registered visitor. Are important additions to your web site is also in the field of e-commerce. It could be an option encouraging for the client, and gain affection and ensure ease of communication to him later.
Remember to keep things out a little bit of personal touches, because the use of SMS messages is not an attempt to use scripts to automate responses and conversations, but must complete its role by you a good follower targeted audience and what they need to recall and send products and services deals and appointments.
marketingˈmärkitiNG Definitions of market noun

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