API (Application Programming Interface)

  • How about a special program that could connect your business/company to an SMS messaging service, which could make it extremely simple for you to keep in touch with the hundreds (or even thousands) of contacts saved up in your database?

    In Mobily SMS, we give you just that – the Mobily.ws SMS gateway API service enables you to link your program, website or system – regardless of the programming language used, to our SMS gateway. How does this help your business? Well, you get an excellent, secure and highly credible service to connect to your own system, customized as per the needs of your own company’s requirements.

  • What does Mobily.ws SMS Gateway offer you?
    Mobily.ws SMS Gateway enables you to contact our gateway to send SMSes by using a unique user name and password of your own. You can browse web pages and carry out the following operations:

    You can send SMSes by easily determining the sender's name, the message content and the numbers you wish to send to.
    You can check your credit by sending a request with the user name and password to the credit checking link. You will get a reply with your current credit.
    Sending messages with variables. You can send more than one message to more than one number, with different content in the messages.

  • How can I use Mobily.ws SMS Gateway?
    All you need to do is follow three simple steps to use Mobily.ws SMS Gateway:

    Register for free on Mobily SMS and get free messages as a trial package.
    Download the API (according to programming language).
    Use API in your system the way you desire
    If you face any difficulty in using the API, contact customer care and the problem shall be taken care of.


Our ready-made scripts help you to connect to our gateway through your chosen programming language. These scripts all work with the HTTP API.

Listed below are a number of third party libraries, classes and scripts for other languages.

Examples for API


Download ActiveX DLL - API Script

Download ASP.NET in C# - API Script

Download ASP.NET in VB.NET - API Script

Download ASP - API Script

Download C++ - API Script

Download C# - API Script

Download JAVA - API Script

Download MS Access - API Script

Download Oracle - API Script

Download PHP - API Script

Download SDK Android

Download SDK iOS

Download VB.Net - API Script

Download VB6 - API Script

Download Web Service in C# - API Script

Download Web Service in PHP - API Script

Download Web Service in VB.NET - API Script

Download Json and Xml - API Script

Download Soap - API Script

Download Ruby

Download python