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Enterprise SMS

SMS is the short form for Short Messaging Service. Well, be it a short or long, delivery of a message across a group of people should be as fast as possible. Enterprise SMS does the same for you. Do you have to send one message to a lot of people? Read on to find out how.

The world is moving at a fast pace and every day every second that pace increases. In such conditions, business firms and organizations cannot lack behind in their communication.

SMS Gateway

Does often the following question pop up like “how can I reach all my customers at once”? You deal with a business that is strongly driven by customers and information to customers is considered as a core value, then you should look into your SMS service tool.

SMS service is great tool that allows access to your local and global customers with a few clicks. It’s like having your customers at your fingertips. Product launches, account information and many such activities are achieved through SMS service.

2 Way SMS Service

Do you run a business that grows along with the customer? Do you have to deal with lot of customer information? And is reaching the global customers a difficult task for you? If all say “Yes”, then how about a solution that is sure to light up your eyes. A solution that features an SMS service is the key solution to all those aforementioned problems.

Business is going great but still you go the extra mile to reach out to customers. The customers seem farfetched when it comes to the marketing campaigns for the upcoming products and products in the pipeline.

SMS Benefits

  1. Immediate connection with least hassles
  2. Far-reaching impact, that too spontaneously with a large number of people
  3. Extremely cheap, as compared to other media
  4. Least time and efforts required
  5. Available 24x7
  6. Archive messaging option available
  7. Auto-send timing option available


SMS API (Application Programming Interface)

A scripting program that enables you to customize SMS services as per needs


Mobily provides various SMS tools to communicate effectively

Local SMS

Our SMS Gateway comes with bunch of features along with FREE SMS tools.

SMS Scheduling

It is easy & simple to use our SMS scheduling feature.

SMS Sectors

We provide services to variety of sectors including Government, Banks etc

24/7 Technical Support

Have queries or concenrs? We provide 24/7 dediated tech support via live chat, email & phone.

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